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Free learners test D Please remember: For each question you have only one right answer.

4.    A vehicle may be overtaken under the following circumstances...

A.    a one way road which is divided in traffic lanes

B.    a vehicle which has stopped at a pedestrian crossing and there are no pedestrians

C.    when the rise of a summit is approached

2.    What is the validity for a learner’s license

A.   12 months

B.   18 months

C.   24 months

1.    At an intersection, the driver of the vehicle should...

A.    Yield the right of the way to all vehicular traffic approaching from the left

B.    Not enter the intersection if the vehicle would probably obstruct the intersection

C.    Overtake slower traffic

3.    The direction of a traffic officer take precedence...

A.    Only at traffic lights

B.    Only at an accident

C.    Always

5.    When you turn to the right from a road which is intended for traffic in both directions you shall...

A.    cross the centre line of the cross street before turning right

B.    give away to approaching traffic before you turn

C.    A) and B)

6.    A vehicle may be overtaken on the left hand side under the  following circumstances…                                            

(i)      when directed to do so by traffic officer

(ii)     always when a vehicle ahead of you turns to the right

(iii)    a one-way road which is divided in traffic lanes.

A.    (ii)

B.    (ii) and (iii)

C.    (i) and (iii)

16.    What is the most important rule of the road in the RSA ?

A.    always stop to assist somebody whose vehicle has broken down.

B.    keep left as far as it is safe to do so.

C.    never exceed the speed limit

14.    You may NOT drive into an intersection when...

A.    the robot is yellow and you are already in the intersection

B.    the vehicle in front of you wants to turn right and the road is wide enough to pass on the left -  hand side

C.    there is not enough space in the intersection to turn right  without blocking other traffic.

15.    Where may you legally stop with your vehicle  ?

A.    4 m from a tunnel

B.    5 m from a pedestrian crossing

C.    6 m from a railway crossing

17.    Which is ALLOWED when towing another vehicle  ?

(i)     a vehicle tows another vehicle with a rope and drives 40 km/h

(ii)    you tow another vehicle with a tow bar

(iii)   a tractor tows a trailer with 10 passengers on it at a speed of  30 km/h

A.    all of the above are correct

B.    (ii) and (iii) are correct

C.    (i) is correct

18.    You may not overtake another vehicle  ?

A.    if your view of the road ahead is restricted

B.    on a one way road

C.    neither of the above

27. At an intersection ...

A.    pedestrians, who are already crossing the road when the red man signal start showing, have right of way.

B.    you can pass another vehicle waiting to turn right on its left side by  going off the road

C.    you can stop in it to off load passengers

28.    If you see that someone wants to overtake you, you must...

(i)    keep to the left as far as it is safe

(ii)   not drive faster

(iii)  give hand signals to allow the person to pass safely

A.    (i) and (ii) are correct

B.    all of the above are correct

C.    (ii) is correct

35.    Which of the following statements are not correct in relation to "no parking"?

(i)     a vehicle shall not be parked on a public road in contravention  of any road traffic  sign

(ii)    a vehicle shall not be parked on a public road if it would  obscure any traffic sign

(iii)   a vehicle may be parked alongside another vehicle where the road is at  least 8 meters wide.

A.     (i), (ii) and (iii) are correct

B.     (i) and (ii) are correct

C.     (iii)

36.    Where may you pass a vehicle on the right side of the road ?

A.    the vehicle in front of you moves slower than 120 km/h

B.    only if it is safe for traffic and property

C.    the driver of the vehicle in front of you indicates that you may move to  the right-hand side of the roadway

37.    It is illegal when you drive and a passenger...

A.    sits directly behind you when you only have a learners license

B.    fiddles with the motor radio's volume control

C.    rides on the bumper of your vehicle

44.    Where are you allowed to spill petrol or oil ?

A.    on a secondary road

B.    on rural road

C.    Nowhere

45.    If you come to a traffic light and the red light flashes to the  left , you must...

A.    stop and go if it is safe

B.    move on without stopping

C.    stop and wait until the green traffic light comes on.

55.    What is the safe following distance at all speed ?

A.    3 seconds rule.

B.    Stop and swerve.

C.    It is determined by means of the 2 second rule ( 1 car length for every 10 km/h )

62.     A driver may :

A.    Allow a passenger to help him steer the wheel.

B.    Use hand signals on Freeways in an emergency.

C.    Let the passenger drive on a pavement if it is safe to do so.

64.    A driver may not:

A.    Leave the vehicle unattended on the road for 6 hours.

B.    Leave the vehicle on the edge of the road.

C.     Let the passenger sit where there is no seatbelt.

66.    What is the maximum speed for vehicles exceeding 9000 kg?

A.    100 km/h

B.      80  km/h

C.    120 km/h

67.    What is the colour and size of the flag that must be on the rear of a heavy motor vehicle?

A.   It must be yellow and 3 m x 4 m.

B.   It must be any size.

C.   It must be red and 300 mm x 300 mm.

69.     How far may you place your triangle if you incur problems with  your vehicle on the road?

A.    10 m in front of the vehicle.

B.    45 m at the back of the vehicle.

C.    30 m in front of the vehicle.

72.    What is the function of the silencer of the exhaust?

A.    To reduce noise from the engine.

B.    To direct noise or engine fumes to the bottom right hand side of  the vehicle.

C.    To be checked out once a year by a professional mechanic.

75     How far may you stop your vehicle from a water hydrant?

A.  5 m from it.

B.  1,5 m from it.

C.  3,5 m from it.

77.     For an ordinary driver, the legal alcohol limit per 100 ml of  blood is?

A.      0.05 g.

B.    0.07g

C.    5.2g

78.     For a professional driver, the legal alcohol limit per 100 ml of blood  is...

A.    0.07g

B.    0.02g

C.  0.05g     

80.     How long is the learner's license valid for?

A.    18 months.

B.    12 months.

C.    24 months

7.    This traffic sign                             is found at a ...

A.    traffic circle where right of way is applicable

B.    dangerous place where roadwork is being done

C.    sharp curve to the right

8.    This sign                       warns you that...

A.   possibly pedestrians ahead

B.   a marked pedestrian crossing ahead

C.   possibly school kids close to or in the road


9.    Which sign means you must give way  ?

           A.                        B.                        C.     




10.   How should a driver respond to this                     light ?

A.    Proceed with caution, yield to pedestrians

B.    Stop and wait for the green light

C.    Neither of the above

11.    How should you react to this                         sign ?  

A.    Slow down and look out for traffic.

B .   Slow down because there is a dead-end ahead.

C.    Neither of the above

12.    How should you react to this                          sign ?   


A.    Drive on the shoulder of the road

B.    Slow down and keep a long following distance

C.    Both of the above

13.    Which sign indicates the start of the lane reserved for   buses?

                A.                            B.                            C. Neither of the above




19.    Which sign indicates a T-junction

                A.                         B.                       C.  




20.This sign                      shows you that you ...                           

A.    may not park there because it is parking for ambulances only

B.    may not park there at all

C.    know it is a lane reserved for emergency vehicles

21.    Beyond which sign might you find police?

                   A.                          B.                        C.   




22.    Which sign indicates that a portion of the road is reserved  for a particular class of vehicle  ?

                 A.                      B.                       C. Both of the above




23.This marking                          means...                

A.    A one way road

B.    Compulsory turn right

C.    Keep right

24.    When you see this sign                       you must ...    


A.    look out for road works where tractors operate

B.    know that only agricultural vehicles may drive there

C.    be on the lookout for agricultural vehicles that may be on the  road

25.    Which sign means proceed straight ahead ?

                 A.                       B.                  C.    




26.    Which sign indicates pedestrians ahead ?

                 A.                     B.                      C.  




29.    Which sign warns the driver of an obstruction to the right ?

                  A.                          B.                       C. Neither of the above




30.    Which sign indicates two-way traffic?

              A.                           B.                             C.  




31.    Which sign indicates loose stones on the road ahead?

                 A.                           B.                       C.  




32.How long may you stop in the vicinity of this                             sign?   


A.    Five minutes

B.    Only to offload

C.    Not at all

33.    Which sign indicates a parking area?

                  A.                           B.                      C. Neither of the above




34.This sign                   shows you that there is a ...        

A.    Keep right, obstruction to left

B.    temporary obstruction right of the road

C.    temporary detour to the right

38.    Which marking indicates that you must not enter the area  unless you can pass through it completely ?

                          A.                               B.                             C.      




39.    What does this                                marking indicate?   


A.    Toll-free parking.

B.    Parking for taxis only

C.    Neither of the above

 40.    This                                            road marking ...              


A.    shows you that you may not stop further than the front one of  the two

B.    shows you that you must stop behind the first line

C.    are lines that indicate another traffic lane

41.    Where would you find this                               marking?                      

A.    Before certain intersection

B.    At sharp right behinds

C.    On one way roads

42.    How should the driver respond to this                             light?     

A.    Proceed  with caution, yield to pedestrians

B.    Stop and wait for the green light

C.    Neither of the above

43.    Which sign must cause you to stop?

                   A.                         B.                        C. Both of these




46.   The marking                                      indicates...            

A.    This lane can be used by traffic to travel in the opposite  direction at specific time

B.    Lanes for traffic travelling in the same direction

C.    The road to the left of this line does not continue straight ahead

47.    Which sign means yield to pedestrians ?      


                         A.                          B.                      C.  




48.     Where would you find this                      sign?               


A.    On a mountain passes

B.    Where U-turn are not allowed

C.    Both of the above

49.    How should react to this                         sign?      


A.    Slow down

B.    Prepare to yield to traffic on the right

C.    Both of the above


50.    Which sign means you must give way ?

                          A.                             B.                      C.       




51.    Where would you find this                                 marking ?    


A.    Exit from free way

B.    Where streams of traffic are about to be separated.

C.    Both of the above

52.    At this sign                           , the driver would most likely use...


A.    The indicator

B.    The brakes

C.    Neither of the above

53.    Where would you find this                          sign?

A.    At a bus stop

B.    On a centre island of a busy road

C.    On a one way road

54.    Where would you find this                              sign?                  


A.    Near a blind rise

B.    On a dangerous curve to the left

C.    Both of the above

56.    How do you approach this                         sign ?

A.    Stop and turn left.

B.    Give right of way to oncoming traffic.

C.    Pass another vehicle on the left hand lane.

57.    Sign                      means …

A.    No parking.

B.    Park there anytime.

C.    Move your car from the pavement.

58.    Sign                         warns you that …

A.    There is a height restriction ahead.

B.    The load you are carrying on your vehicle must not exceed 4.42  kg.

C.    None of the above.

59.     Sign                                     warns you about …

A.    Danger to the left and the right.

B.    A T-junction ahead.

C.    A dead end ahead.

60.     Sign                           warns you that …

A.    You are approaching a T-junction.

B.    There is a primary crossroad ahead.

C.    There is a stop sign there.

61.     Road marking                                            show you that …

A.    There is a gentle curve ahead,

B.    There is no overtaking or crossing lines ahead.

C.    You must turn in the direction of the arrow.

63.       Sign                         indicates that….

A.    No crossing line

B.   This lane is for traffic in two different directions at certain times

C.   A solid line is about to begin

65. Sign                          shows you that this parking bay is reserved for...                 


A.    12 cars only.

B.    High occupancy vehicles only.

C.    Cars with 12 passengers only.

68.    Marking                                   shows you that

A.    No bicycles allowed

B.    No motor bikes allowed

C.    Only motor bikes allowed in that lane   

70. Sign                                    shows you that…                       


A.    There is an alternative route ahead

B.    Be on the lookout for ambulances

C.    There is a sharp turn ahead

 71. Sign                           shows that the lane is reserved for...

A.    Agricultural vehicles only.

B.    Government cars only.

C.    Abnormal vehicles only

73.    What does road marking                          indicate?

A.    It is a lane reserved for airplanes only.

B.    It is a lane that leads you to the airport"

C.    It is a double lane for airplanes.   

74.    Marking                                   informs you that...

A.    Lane reserved for bicycles.

B.    Lane reserved for motorbikes.

C.    Bus lane only

76.     Sign                        shows you that…

A.    There is a police road block ahead

B.    Stop for the railway crossing

C.    There is a possibility of a robot ahead

79.     This sign                              shows you that…

A.    You are entering the freeway

B.    The road is going to become 2 lanes with an island on the right

C.    You are driving on a 2-way road

80.     How long is the learner's license valid for?

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