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Driving lesson No.7-Driving with K53 observations

                                                                                          Driving lesson No. 7


                                                   Driving with K 53 observations and incline start with this checks

  When you do the driving test in South Africa you have to drive according to K53 requirements. This is a system of observation you need to follow strictly if you want to pass the test.

Here are the rules of driving with K53 checks

  1. I When you take off from the yard you have to check 5 points, select indicator, select gear, repeat 5 points again, obtain clutch control, check the street, take off. then on the road you have to check 5 points only once - after selecting gear. namely: when you stop,  pull hand brake up, select gear, checks points, obtain clutch control, check the trafic and take off.
  2.  When  you  want  to turn, approaching the intersection, check  middle  mirror,  right (left) mirror,  right (left) blind spot, select right (left) indicator, repeat 3 points again. when you are close enough to the  intersection check it, check right (left) blind spot, turn right (left).
  3.  When you want to change lane it is almost the same. you just  don't need to repeat  the  last blind spot.  namely check  3  points (mid.mirror,  side  mirror,  blind spot), indicate, repeat 3 points and if it is safe to change lane, change it.
  4. One  typical  example : you  are  approaching  an intersection with stop sign, and there you want to turn      right...approaching, you have to check 3points (to right), indicate,  repeat  3  points,   occupy  the right side of the lane, stop before the stop line. pull hand brake up, select first gear, check 5 points, obtain clutch control, check the intersection, if it is safe -take off, check right blind spot,  steer to the  right.
  5.  Driving on the road,  you have to check every single street and pedestrian crossing. Check the streets about 5 meters before to enter them.
  6. Before accelerating, slowing down, changing gears, stopping,  you  have  to check  the  mirrors  (mainly the middle one). when  you  stop  you  have  to:  check middle mirror,  slow  down  with   foot  brake  only,  then  stop completely with the clutch and brake
  7. Every 5-10 seconds check the speed and mirrors. When driving, use only first, second and third gear, don't drive  

                faster than 45-50 km/h. don't watch the gear lever. Hold the steering wheel like 10 minutes past 10 on the clock.

                Don’t cross your hands when you steer, don’t hold the wheel from inside. Use the push-pull method for steering. Don’t separate                 your hands from the steering wheel. You can do it only when indicating, changing gear or pulling hand brake up.

  1. When you turn use only second gear.
  2. When stopping behind a car,   stop  four  meters  behind.  this  is  one  car  distance  or you  must  see  at least  the  back  wheels of the car in front of you.
  3. When driving in your lane keep the left side. Always use the  furthers to the left lane for your lane.
  4. When you check 3 or 5 points, or stopping, always  hold the steering wheel with your two hands. Whenever you check 5 points, do it quick.

  Incline start with K53 checks

  You do incline start  the way you know just add the checks.

  You need to do 5 point checks before and after selecting gear:

  For the rest of the lesson repeat incline start and drive with K 53 observations.

How the test work?

First you do the yard test and if you pass it, you do the road test.

For  the yard test you have 20 minutes. Take your time, it’s enough.

During this period you must do pre trip inspection and all the parkings.

Doing the parkings you must not::

  If you don’t do one of this mistakes the examiner check your points of penalties. If they are 50 or less, you pass theyard test. If they are more than 50 you fail the yard test and the whole test.

  After the yard test you do the road one. It takes +/- 25 minutes. Your limit for your mistakes are 8 points per minute.

  Example: If you drive 20 min on the road ( 20x8=160) your limit will be 160 points. If you accumulate 160 points or less, you pass the road test. But if you have 161 or more, you fail.

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